In conversation with Tomas Ambra: Magellan Circle Journal Podcast Episode #47

Magellan Circle Journal is a monthly podcast series by our partner Magellan Circle featuring different experts on transport and the environment. Episode #47 of the Magellan Circle Journal podcast, explores the groundbreaking advancements taking place in the field of inland waterway transportation (IWT). Tomas Ambra, Technical Coordinator at Inlecom and the project coordinator of FOREMAST, takes center stage as the guest expert, offering valuable insights into the fusion of sustainability and logistics within this sector.

In this engaging 26-minute episode, Tomas tackles a series of probing questions, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the FOREMAST project and its pivotal role in revolutionising freight transport. Here’s a glimpse into the key highlights of the discussion:

  • Introduction to FOREMAST
  • Inlecom’s long-term strategies
  • Safety regulations and accident prevention
  • Engagement with local authorities
  • Contribution to the European Green Deal and Fit for 55 policies
  • Future prospects of inland waterway transport

To listen to the full episode, click here.

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