Taskforce for Uptake of Zero-Emission Vessels in Europe

We are proud to announce a new “Taskforce for Uptake of Zero-Emission Vessels in Europe“, established by FOREMAST in collaboration with initiatives including AUTOFLEX, CRISTAL, PLOTO, PLATINA4ACTION, ReNEW, SEAMLESS, DISCO and SYNERGETICS and more.

This strategic collaboration builds upon the successful experience of the ALICE taskforce on Accelerating Innovation and will be managed in close collaboration with the Platina4Action initiative.

The Taskforce for Uptake of Zero-Emission Vessels in Europe was officially presented by Jeanett Bolther (PNO) during the last edition of the Transport Research Arena (TRA2024) in April 2024, during the Special Session Decarbonizing Freight Transport and Logistics by Increasing the Use of Waterways.

This session aimed to present knowledge and outcomes from previous projects like AEGIS, MOSES, and AUTOSHIP, while also addressing the ongoing efforts of SEAMLESS, FOREMAST, and AUTOFLEX and their respective approaches to address the needs of freight and logistics stakeholders through business models and opportunities.

The establishment of this strategic partnership underscores FOREMAST’s commitment to maximizing the impact of its Dissemination and Communication activities through collaborative efforts and knowledge sharing. By leveraging the collective expertise and resources of these aligned projects, FOREMAST aims to amplify its reach and enhance the effectiveness of its engagement strategies.

In addition, the Taskforce will serve as a strategic tool, aimed at addressing key challenges and opportunities in promoting the adoption of zero-emission vessels in Europe. These activities include:

  • Guiding the future adoption of zero-emission vessels in operations across Europe
  • Engaging key stakeholders through structured interviews and workshops to gather insights on their expectations, waterborne and inland waterway trends, zero-emission vessel trends, and more
  • Identifying key barriers to adoption, sector pressures, and policies to overcome these barriers
  • Providing input for value chain analysis and developing new business models for the future exploitation of project results
  • Collaborating on Dissemination and Communication activities to promote the activities of the participating projects

The Taskforce and its Working Group are still under development and more information will be shared soon. However several activities and meetings have already taken place in the scope of the Taskforce Initiative.

During meetings between PNO and EICB on May 23 and June 11, the stakeholder analysis was shared and key focus projects of the initiative were identified.

On 17 June, another meeting between FOREMAST and AUTOFLEX representatives took place with the aim to boost cooperation between sister projects. Several key topics have been identified as the focus of the collaboration between the two projects including business models, situational awareness, policy roadmap and recommendations, regulatory barriers and compliance requirements as well as engagement with external stakeholder and communication / dissemination activities.

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