FOREMAST presented at the Week of Innovation by Antwerp Inland Navigation School

The week-long event “Week of Innovation” organized by the Antwerp Inland Navigation School provided a platform for participants to delve into the intricacies of inland waterway and port sectors.

From insightful discussions to engaging presentations, the event offered a comprehensive overview of the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

On the closing day, Tomas Ambra, representing INLECOM, took the stage to present key insights on digitalization and its impact on the industry. Tomas highlighted transformative projects such as FOREMAST, DT4GS – The Digital Twin for Green Shipping, and the IW-NET Project, emphasizing the potential of innovation to shape the future of inland navigation.

The grand finale on Friday marked a significant milestone for the Antwerp Inland Navigation School, with double the participants compared to previous editions. This surge in participation underscores the growing importance of knowledge exchange and collaboration in advancing the industry forward.

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